November 16, 2020

Licensing and Range Safety

Job Description


Job Title:   Director, Spaceport Licensing and Range Safety

Location:   Anchorage or Kodiak, AK


Job Description

Aurora Launch Services (ALS) is seeking Director of Spaceport Licensing and Range Safety whom can thrive under minimal supervision and lead new initiatives. This position leads licensing and safety compliance activities, including documentation, for the Pacific Spaceport Complex – Alaska (PSCA) as well as similar functions for other spaceports in Alaska, US locations, and international locations, as pursued.


During launch campaigns, this position will also serve as a spaceport launch crew member in the launch operations control center to ensure public safety and support the spaceport customer requirements.  Launch crew responsibilities will be assigned based on experience and certification from the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) President/CEO and may include Range Control, Range Surveillance, Range Supervision, or similar.


The ideal candidate will have proven experience in FAA commercial space transportation licensing (or military/international equivalent), and launch planning for commercial and US government missions. Experience in authoring documents with minimal direction, including FAA license applications/ modifications/renewals as well as the US government Universal Documentation System (UDS) is desired.  The candidate should also have experience and aptitude in drafting, training, updating, and executing operational launch procedures, range safety documentation/procedures, and demonstrating a track-record of compliant, safe, and efficient space launch operations.  Lastly, the ideal candidate must be able to work under pressure in launch operational settings, including leading and supporting emergency operations plans following potential mishaps.


A preferred candidate would also demonstrate acumen in permitting associated with operations of a Spaceport not directly related to launch. Expertise with regards to the National Environmental Protection Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Clean Water Act, and other related-state level permitting requirements would further distinguish an applicant.



Lead range safety analysis and recommendations

  • Leader in implementing sound practices for addressing range safety requirements in a manner that is operationally efficient and business oriented
  • Identify and implement a comprehensive safety plans and procedures to address launch needs, including liquid rocket propellent storage handling and distribution, solid & hybrid rocket storage and handling, radio-frequency radiation hazards, explosives site planning, public safety and worker safety zones, and other range safety as needed

Develop, author, and update various licensing and range safety documentation

  • PSCA licensing documentation is current and meets FAA needs and expectations
  • Licensing documentation for spaceports AAC has or will have agreements with to meet FAA or other regulatory needs and expectations
  • Range safety and documentation to meet customer requirements
  • Manage and update Spaceport Safety Management System

Launch Crew operations

  • Using industry-standard methods, manage and communicate multiple network channels with other members of the launch crew, customers, and radio-based participants (e.g., aircraft and vessels) to ensure safe and efficient launch operations
  • Follow and conduct steps in accordance with established checklists for nominal operations and emergency operations
  • Work professionally under pressure to rapidly identify and problem solve for unexpected anomalies, safety hazards, and mishaps
  • Follow crew resource management principles to ensure mission success

High impact contributor with an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Small business mentality: Broad engagement, urgency of action, and detail orientated
  • Results oriented: Solve problems with creative solutions and tenacity to work through barriers
  • Directly contribute value to our customers: Serve in senior launch and operations roles, contribute thought leadership to contribute to, and develop customer deliverables, etc.
  • Lead and complete projects to advance company objectives

Create impact of strategic importance for the company

  • Serve as a senior member of Aurora Launch Services and senior staff for Alaska Aerospace Corporation supported activities
  • Support business development opportunities, working individually or as a team
  • Support and back-up the ALS President in administrative functions of the company
  • Advance and mature existing customers (government, commercial, international)
  • Spearhead strategic planning to strengthen the core and diversify the business portfolio
  • Positively affect the long-term financial objectives of the company

Serve as a senior company leader

  • Assist the ALS President review financials and manage discretionary spending
  • Conduct personnel management activities as assigned, including time approvals, team assignments, training, and performance reviews
  • Key contributor for messaging with internal and external stakeholders, including board members, colleagues, industry, government agencies, and the public community
  • Prepare talking points and briefings with ALS and AAC senior staff
  • Raise the profile and image of the aerospace industry in Alaska


Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge and experience with licensing and permitting requirements for space operations (e.g., Title 14 CFR Parts 400-460), including environmental agency coordination, State and Federal land-use agreements, export control restrictions, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience with orbital and/or suborbital launch vehicles
  • Working knowledge of Range Commanders’ Council (RCC) methodologies
  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form, including effectively using MS Office Suite
  • General business experience, including staff management and knowledge of contracts and financial management
  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity
  • Ability to obtain a DoD Secret clearance


Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

  • It is the policy of Aurora Launch Services to provide equal employment opportunity to all, qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.




  • A competitive salary and benefits package, determined upon experience level of individual, will be negotiated after an offer to hire has been given.




To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to



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